High/Low Votes but no comments?

2008-02-05 15:32:09 by Gamermasteree

OK i just submitted 4 songs that i been working hard on and guess what??

I got high, even low votes from many people and they didn't leave a comment on what you should improve on and you should work mostly on etc... That makes me very angry, Especially when i'm still a beginner in music and i want people to critiqise me and leave comments. If you have the same problem post here and and tell me what you think of these people. Now i have to go and cook up some more tracks. Adios suckers and I want comments!Got that?


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2008-02-06 09:52:24


Here on Newgrounds are no place for extremly beginners.
I don't know people here, who want to leave comments on those tracks. Sorry!
You should work hard and show the songs your friends, and if you made some very fantastic tracks, I would submit them.

I heard some of your songs and I can say only one thing: You don't know how music is constructed. You should make your melodies in the rythm and use accords, too.

You have time to submit good tracks.
Go practice for it. That's the only I can say.

Good luck on your next songs.


- Intero

Gamermasteree responds:

Do you know how music is constructed???


2008-02-06 17:55:36

Hey dont listen to Intero. He doesnt know what the hell hes talking about. Your funny Piano remix was GENIOUS!!! Dont let the haters get at you brother. You will be playing in the cathedral next to jesus on Bass God on drums and NEDM on Vocal.

I am a fan of yours. Striaght up. And if you look at the other reviews of that song you will know that the masses aggree. I would press that shit to vinal asap so It can hit the trance circut fast!

Gamermasteree responds:

Wow thx, everyone loved my Piano Remix, btw Piano Remix 2 is out! Just to let you know!


2008-02-06 22:20:58

Don't listen to Intero, seriously.
I agree with P34C3, "Funny Piano Remix' needs to be vinyl. I suggest submitting it to the London Philharmonic, that song would be lovely in orchestra. I believe the conductors name is Keaton, send him a ring!
Keep up the good work.

Gamermasteree responds:

Wow if its that good i'll try lol and thx for the support !


2008-02-07 12:22:24

Don't make me laugh. xD

Gamermasteree responds:

OK, don't laugh :P


2008-02-09 05:36:51

Intero was spot on.
Right now it appears that you don't know very much about how music is constructed. I've been learning classical theory for 5 years, and performing classical guitar and piano for 7 years. Listening to your stuff is embarassing. If you were any kind of god some people say you are, then you'd probably know that is more avant garde more than contemporary consonance. Listen to music by MaestroRage. Now, HE could probably send his stuff to the London Philharmonic without them pissing themselves laughing. He's one of the very few that could. The fact is that if you want to be taken seriously and get some honest reviews and some real criticisms, you've got to learn more about how to compose. Right now, it sounds like you couldn't tell me what a key signature, or a treble clef or a semibreve is without looking it up. Try and learn something, listen to some other music on newgrounds, come back and try again. The thing is, the majority of newgrounds users won't leave a review for something that sounds like it was made with little to no effort. The reviews make you sound better than you are. I know it's a harsh comment, but that's pretty much saying that you don't need to make improvements, and, as a beginner musician, you should know that you've got to work a fair way before you actually earn a good score from a well respected critic. Wake up and smell the roses! These guys are leaving kind remarks, there's no sincerity in it. Ask around, learn some more about composing music. Anyone can make music, but it takes commitment and talent to be great at it. Keep trying and you might get some real respect from proper musicians.

Sorry to tell you the way things are, but let me tell you that it's much better getting honest criticism than positive reviews. I'd hate to have people like P34C3 and loverofanus to tell me I'm god. If they told me the same thing they told you, I'd laugh. "I think you should send this to an orchestra" I wouldn't take that seriously. They are professionals, they train for years upon years, they perform professional music by professional composers. These guys are talking out of their asses.

Gamermasteree responds:

Hey okay let me tell you a few things

1st: I don't like smart asses just like you!
2nd: If you don't like my music Shut the fuck up then, don't say anything!
3rd: This message is going to be deleted
4th: I like people who like my music and i like people like P34C3 and loverofanus telling me that they like my music, i don't want people to tell me that i am a god but if you're an idiot (Which you already are, then don't talk)

I think i said everything oh yeah + That you are banned!


2008-02-13 06:45:49

Your collective body of musical works is pathetic. It's obvious you have no real idea how to compose music. Take the advice Intero and WritersBlock gave to you to heart; If you were to actually have looked at their profiles, and listened to some of their music, you'd know that they are far more talented and trained than the likes of you. Yet, you still have the audacity to act as the self-aggrandizing twat, and question their skill. Pathetic.

Have you even heard any music, besides what you've played? Have you ever listened to anything else on the audio portal? You have to compare your work to what is already out there. If you were to do that, you'd see just how poor your music comes off as being in comparison. I've played electric bass and piano for several years, and only now can I say I have skill enough to compose anything worth recording. It seems to me like you had two weeks with your electric paino before you decided you were Mozart reincarnate, and started submitting your shit to Newgrounds.

Long story short; Get some actual fucking training.

Gamermasteree responds:

I already took actual fucking training from myself, oh and stfu if you don't know how to talk smart ass!