Well my first flash passed judgment, altough it was crap i'm happy that it passed. Anyways i think from now on i'll be making certain hentai quizzes. It's better this way, and hey i could take a break from making music too :) Well let me get to work, oh and one more thing, i love critique but don't go too far or i'll ban you from ever leaving a reply on the news post. I love comments and a little critique

Thank you and goodbye :)

My carrer goes on!

2008-02-13 08:51:36 by Gamermasteree

Many people have sent me pm's and have posted on my news page telling me that i don't know how music is constructed, that i suck at music etc etc... I don't care what you say people, i will go on making music, even if there is one man alive that still loves my music. I know that my music is crap but i always try and i always try to be better in music. Oh and if you think that i'm crap, it's not necessary to tell it infront of my face. I won't listen to you anyway. Ok to those people who like and love my music then i thank them and i give them my greatest thank you from my heart for appreciating what i do but to those who critiqued me and told me many big fat stupid things, then i have banned them and i have deleted their pm's. If anyone posts a message that will hurt my feelings or will try to be a smart ass on the news page then i'll kick his butt goodbye and ban him from ever posting on my news post ever again!
To those people who love my music i thank you again from my heart :)
To those who critiqued me-You suck!

PS: Some new music will be released soon!

OK i just submitted 4 songs that i been working hard on and guess what??

I got high, even low votes from many people and they didn't leave a comment on what you should improve on and you should work mostly on etc... That makes me very angry, Especially when i'm still a beginner in music and i want people to critiqise me and leave comments. If you have the same problem post here and and tell me what you think of these people. Now i have to go and cook up some more tracks. Adios suckers and I want comments!Got that?


2008-02-04 13:38:21 by Gamermasteree

Finally my song has been approved and been validated! Oh well i better go and create some music! Anyways i want comments people! Give me comments! Also if you have any complaints or want to tell me on what i should work on most please post on this Post or you can pm me! Also you can tell me what kind of Piano Music i can make! Thanks and goodbye, well only for now!

Oh and just like my brother :)
"What's a post without an ending picture?"